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Our Lives Reflect Our Habits

Do you collect things? A collection starts out with one or two items and builds over time. Whether it’s collecting t-shits or rocks, the more you add to your collection the larger it becomes. The accumulation of items expands and starts to represent you in a way. You become the guy or gal who loves band t’s or heart-shaped rocks and everyone knows it.

Habits can be a lot like that too. The more we engage in certain activities the bigger their presence is in our lives. As a matter of fact, our lives tend to reflect our habits. Let me show you how.

Your Finances Reflect Your Spending Habits

Your bank account reflects your spending and saving habits. Your average daily balance is a cumulative reflection on how well you spend and save money. Over time, the small decisions you make about money add up and impact your wealth…or lack of it. If you make a habit of saving, the accumulation will show up in your savings account. If you make a habit of spending and living paycheck to paycheck, it will reflect as well. When it comes to micro habits, small steps can make a BIG difference over time. Saving as little as 10% of your income consistently adds up and thanks to compound interest, there’s big incentive to save.

Your Health Reflects Your Dietary and Activity Habits

Other than living with a chronic illness or injury, your weight, health, and overall lifestyle are a reflection of the habits you have. The types of foods you eat, whether or not you exercise, how tidy and neat your home is are all a reflection of the cumulative habits you engage in. Simple but small habits like making the bed each day or prepacking lunches can make a BIG impact on your attitude and health. The small things you do day in and day out add up to the results you have when you look in the mirror each morning or how you feel when walking into your home.

Nothing Happens Overnight

You won’t become wealthy by saving once and you won’t become overweight by eating one piece of cheesecake. Nothing happens overnight. It’s the accumulation of behaviors and habits that adds up to the results you have. The good news is micro habits can help you achieve the outcomes you want. Small things done over time accumulate and the results can be amazing.

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